Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saigon Night - 915 Fort Street

We had intended to head out to Hernandez on Bay Street on Friday, it is what came up on my iPhone through Urbanspoon, but they do not take anything but cash at the moment and we arrived with plastic. They also had very limited seating. We headed downtown to the View Street location, but it was already closed.

We then used Urban Spoon again to find something else and we ended up at Saigon Night on Fort Street.

The food was high quality authentic Vietnamese food. The salad rolls we had as a starter were well done and I would recommend them. I had a spicy seafood and veggie stirfry on deep fried noodles. Good flavour but very light on the seafood and heavy on cabbages.. Sheila and Daniel and the fried pork on rice - I had a bite and I was impressed by it. Ben had something similar but on noodles.

The food for the main courses was huge, more than enough for one person. Two dishes would easily feed three people.

Little Piggy had a review of the restaurant in September of 2007

Saigon Night on Urbanspoon
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