Monday, March 9, 2009

San Remo's

After a grueling morning, we stopped in here for lunch today. I have been coming to San Remo's for years. There was many a night when I was at UVic we would head there for dinner and then sit at the table for ages over beer, wine and coffee.

The restaurant was very empty when we got in there at 1:20 - admittedly it was a late time for lunch on a Monday. We managed to find a parking spot on Hillside right outside of the San Remo's deli. The service was good and the speed we got out food was decent.

The menu felt like it was lacking focus, it is very pan Mediterranean with a strong influence from not only Italy and Greece. I had the San Remo's Prawns - generally a nice baked prawn dish with rice and veggies. Sheila had the chicken souvlaki, she left their's was OK, but that Eugene's did a better job.

I think they could use a menu revamp, there is more on the menu than there needs to be and I suspect the wide variety leads to a lower quality for everything. I one page good menu focused on a few very godo things would better. At the moment they have burgers, ribs and a steak sandwich on the menu - none of them are connected to the core food of the restaurant. The menu looks like has been expanded to appeal to people that might not want Greek/Italian food but are there with friends. Catering to them takes away from what the place can do well.

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