Monday, February 14, 2011

Baan Do's Stirfry in Duncan

The other day we were up in Duncan and were looking for a place to eat. Using the Urbanspoon app on my phone I came up with Baan Do's Stirfry.   The place got many good reviews so we felt comfortable choosing it, we have rarely had a problem with highly rated restaurants on Urbanspoon.   This makes what I have to say even harder than normal.

Our meal there was less than acceptable.   I had a Mexican stir fry which was actually very spicy, on the limits of what I like.   This was not the problem for me, my issue was the flavours were not at all Mexican. I know it was my own fault for ordering a cross cultural dish.     The prawns in my dish were also rubbery, clearly overcooked.  The rice was also overcooked, we were having a late lunch and it could have been due to it sitting around ready for too long a period.

Sheila was not any more impressed with her meal.    I will leave it to her to talk about it.

I do not know if this was an off day or if standards are really low in Duncan.  I hope it was an off day.

Baan Do's Stirfry in Duncan on Urbanspoon
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