Monday, February 21, 2011

Pizza Factory in Blaine

On the weekend we did a daytrip to Seattle and on the way back we needed to eat somewhere for dinner.  Timing meant that this was going to be in Blaine.   I was keen to eat at Paso del Norte , but since we had Mexican at lunch and Stephen clearly is not a Mexican fan, we needed to find somewhere else.   We ended up at the Pizza Factory in downtown Blaine.

Pizza Factory is a chain with an odd distribution in Washington State, they are in small towns around Puget Sound or over near the border with Idaho.  Their slogan is "We Toss'em, They're Awesome".

The Blaine location looks more like a coffee - pool hall/arcade place then a decent restaurant.   The whole interior looked a bit run down and a bit dingy.   It was not very busy for a Saturday night,  We had a ferry to catch and it was time for all of us to eat, we sort of had to stick with our decision.

We ordered a large pepperoni pizza with one half having green peppers and onions as well.   When the pizza arrived I could see it was greasy, there were pools of grease on the top of it.   To eat the pizza I needed to blot the grease from the top.

On the positive side, the dough was good, very good.  The sauce was also decent.   Unfortunately the dough and sauce could not over come the puddles of fat on the top of the pizza.  We had a 12" pizza between two adults, a ten year old and a two and half year old and we did not finish it.   My last bites were of crust only as I ripped the it off of the last couple of pieces on the tray.

I am unlikely to ever go back to this location of the Pizza Factory and I suspect I am going to give the whole chain a miss because of the experience at this one location.

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Anonymous said...

This is all very typical of this place and why we never go there. We live here.