Monday, February 21, 2011

Good Food at a Mall?

On the weekend in Seattle we wanted to eat at Serious Pie, a suggestion I got on Twitter from Bubby Roses Bakery.  We got there and it was packed out so we wandered around looking for somewhere to eat and stumbled on Mexico Cantina y Veracruz in the Pacific Place mall.  Pacific Place is not a normal mall, but a high end shopping place and this means no Arbys or Orange Julius, but decent restaurants.

Mexico Cantina y Veracruz is well styled and seems to serve authentic Mexican cuisine.   The tortilla chips were still hot when they made it to the table.

I had a slow roasted pork dish.  The pork was covered in a green chili mole and served on a bed of rice.   It had the fixings to make a couple of small tacos.    The pork was melt in my mouth good.   All in all it was a unique Mexican dish that I had never had before.

Sheila ordered a tamale, she had never eaten a tamale before and did not know what it would be like, it ultimately was not the sort of thing she liked.   The tamale was well done with a nice mole, but I am not a fan of them either.

Max had non Mexican food and Stephen had a basic beef enchilada.  The boys also got churros which were still hot when they arrived at the table.  

Speaking of dessert, on the way out I saw a tray of desserts and they looked like they belonged in a serious up scale restaurant.  It made be regret not ordering dessert.

I would go back, but since I am in Seattle only rarely I am unlikely to try the same restaurant twice.

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