Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bon Sushi in Oak Bay

 I wanted to have lunch with my oldest son and when I asked where he wanted to go, he said sushi.   Daniel has been a sushi fanatic since he ate at a sushi restaurant on Commercial Drive at age 6 and had a chance to watch the chef make the food.

I looked through Urbanspoon and looked for a well rated sushi restaurant that was not downtown and up came Bon Sushi in Oak Bay.

I had been here before and my biggest complaint is the ambiance of the restaurant, it feels too much like a quick lunch restaurant.  I was not jumping for joy at the thought of going back, but it had good ratings and was located in the right area.   Daniel was driving so I did not want him to have to try and park downtown.
Daniel ordered us two rolls and a plate of assorted tempura, I ordered one roll.  Daniel's choices were the tuna roll and the California roll.   I can not remember the name of my roll, it is the one in the middle of the plate.

I was happy with the rolls we got, though not blown away.   Certainly they were made with a skill that neither Daniel or I could do at home - yes we both make sushi at home - but there were flaws.   The rolls did not have their rice evenly spread through out and a couple of the pieces that were end ones and should not have been served were served with their ragged edges.   I know this sounds picky, but I have eaten a lot of sushi in Vancouver and it is a different world over there when compared to the restaurants here.

The plate of tempura was Daniel's choice.  I am not a huge fan of tempura on its own.   That said, the batter was light and crunchy and the tempura was done right.

As places go, Bon Sushi is decent enough, but not good enough to make me cross the city to eat there.   They do have a second location in Royal Oak that will try the next time I am out there at lunch time.

Bon Sushi on Urbanspoon

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