Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I do not get this

The Fairway at the Gorge Plaza has a section of British foods.  The aisle brings back many memories for me of when I lived in London 20 years ago, not that I bought the stuff as most of their food is overly processed.   Last week I saw this product for sale

Suet is beef fat, how can it have 30% less fat???   I am not sure what vegetable suet is, but it does not

Atora is the company that invented shredded suet.  As someone that renders their own suet into tallow, it is much easier to work with the rendered tallow than the raw suet.   Shredded suet is somehow made shelf stable.  I thought that beef fat that was processed enough to be able to keep at room temperature was called tallow.

The shredded vegetable suet seems to be made with palm oil and some flour.   I still can not figure out how you get 30% less fat in a product that is fat?
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