Friday, July 1, 2011

O Bistro -

The other night we were supposed to go out to a political event but we were drained and tired and decided to blow it off and go eat somewhere else.

We both wanted a warm and quiet lounge as our ideal.   Nothing was really coming to mind so we thought we would go to the bar side of Vic's Steakhouse, we were there recently and generally happy with out experience.   In going there, I noticed the O Bistro at the Oswego Hotel.

What made me go in?   Honestly, the look of the logo of the restaurant and the front entrance of the hotel.   It was all modern, clean and interesting.   I would have headed right out again if what was inside did not match my expectations.   The place met not only with the expectations set by the images from outside, but it was exactly what we wanted.

The O Bistro is a small lounge/restaurant that has a clean, warm and modern feel to it.   I could see hanging out here for an evening of drinks and snacks with some friends.

The menu is short, but better short and good than long and mediocre.   There is another problem with the menu, the prices are too low.   They are low enough that it made me question the food quality and portion sizes that I would get.   Please do not let their criminally low prices dissuade you from eating here.

We ordered the humus and pita to start, $4 for what looked like about a cup of humus and a stack of nicely grilled pita bread.   The humus was light and very lemony and grilling the pita gave it that nice just about charred flavour on the outside of the bread.   Well done and a screaming deal.

I looked at the mains and the prices looked like ones I would expect to pay for starters.   Almost everything was $10 to $12.   I really wondered about this but I could see from the table next to us that the portions were decent sized.

I had a prawn dish - they sat on what I think was a mix of fennel and cabbage and topped with a small green salad.   The bowl was filled with an almost light borscht like broth.   The seven prawns were very well cooked, though I can not remember the how they were cooked other than they were perfectly done and succulent enough that I was sucking everything I could out of the tail shell.   Overall it looked like a upscale fine dining dish and it delivered.

Sheila has the spinach gnocchi for $12.   She got a very substantial bowl which allowed me to steal a few to try them.   The gnocchi were light but had a bit of a bite.   What I really liked is that they were fried in butter at the end.

We finished with desert.   This was the most amazing deal of all.   For $5 we got a cheesecake caramel that looked like it belonged in the cover on the cover of a food magazine.    The cheesecake was served as one would serve creme caramel.   There was this wonderful tuile sticking out of the top it.   The plate had a very light clear caramel like sauce with small dots of I think raspberry coulis in it.  

We told the waitress that the meal was wildly under priced and she agreed.   We also told her it was great food.   In the end she even gave us 20% off the food.   Our total food bill was just around $25.  Our booze bill was $13.

The food, atmosphere and price make this a place I have every intention of going back to on a regular basis.

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