Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Village Restaurant in Sechelt and Moilly's Reach in Gibsons

Last week I was at the 2011 Pacific Jamboree at Camp Byng.

On the one day we went into Sechelt.   Beyond showering at the pool, crucial to me was getting some food from a restaurant.   I walked the main drag and did not see much in town that inspired me.   I ended up decided to try the Village Restaurant.   This was a good decision.

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The burgers are really, really worth it.   They form their own patties and you can tell.  The fries were crisp and hot, the gravy was clearly made fresh and not some over salted sludge from some unknown past era.   I had onion rings with my burger and they were perfectly done - not over cooked or greasy as onion rings often are.   The shake was THICK - they asked how thick or thin I wanted it and I went for the cheek sucking thickness.  Ben had a double patty burger and needed to use a knife and fork to finish it.

Not only was this very well down classic diner food, it was cheap.   My meal cost me about as much as I would have spent at a MacDonalds.  Three of us ate here for just over $30.

When I next pass through Sechelt, I will be eating here again.

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On Friday, after sailing for the first time in ages, we ate at Molly's Reach in Gibsons.   Molly's Reach was for many years the set for the Beachcombers.

In 1977 my parents took us on the Sunshine Coast circle tour and we ended up in Gibsons.   I saw Molly's Reach and in my 11 year old mind I did not think for a second that it would not be open to the public.  I pushed open the front door and walked to find myself on the active set of the show.   I am sure my father could see what I was going to do but his perverse sense of humour meant he let me walk in.

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Molly's Reach is now a restaurant.   It is clearly not a greasy spoon and is aimed at tourists.   Certainly it got us to go in and eat.   The restaurant no longer looks like Molly's Reach on the inside.

I was not really impressed with the food - it was ok but nothing to go out of my way to buy.   One example was the gravy with my fries - it was close to the worst sludge I have been served as a gravy - it has a skin on it that stuck to the fries and salty beyond edilble.   Just the day before I had one of the best gravies on the same coast.

The price was also not cheap.   For six of us I spent close to $100.   This is for lunch with no shakes and nothing special, just burgers and fries all around.

I can not see myself going back to the restaurant.

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