Friday, July 8, 2011

Some day I will get used to this climate, right?

Three things I am going to touch on today:

Here we are a week into July and my veggie garden still looks like it is spring time.   Nothing is growing like crazy, not zucchini plants spewing monster green fruits, no tomatoes that have set etc.....

I would take some pics, but that would depress me too much.  

What I have harvested so far:

  • 2 dozen radishes
  • Some micro greens - though here the chickens twice managed to eat all the greens
  • 4 pounds of strawberries
  • A dozen cherry tomatoes

Each of the last several years people have commented in May to July that it is a cool year and we are not getting the growth that we should expect.   Maybe this is normal here and the other is simply wishful thinking?

I hope that things will take off over the next week while I am gone at PJ 2011 on the Sunshine Coast.

Last week someone I have known for a few years asked to see my chicken set up and get my advice on how they could set up.   They live in Esquimalt.

This is the second person this year that I have given advice to on backyard chickens.

I will be gone at the 2011 Provincial Jamboree.   I will be eating a menu that does not excite and will be cooked for me by two 12 year olds and two thirteen year olds.   I suspect I will be eating less than normal while at the same time getting several hours of physical activity each day.   I will be on a Scout Jamboree diet and I may be able to reduce my current weight problem over the week.

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Lauralyn said...

I liven Esquimalt but I'm afraid to have chickens because we already get cougars in the yard. Wouldn't the poor hens just be bait?