Saturday, February 7, 2009

Breakfast at John's Place

Sheila and I went to John's Place this morning - I had won two $25 gift certificates on CFAX the other morning by correctly giving the date John opened his place.

I prefer to eat lunch of dinner at John's Place, but Sheila wanted the waffle with the cream cheese syrup. In general I do not like sweet stuff for breakfast, I like fresh bread or buns with cheeses and meats first thing in the morning or a spicy egg dish. I find most hollandaise sauces too heavy for me on eggs which means all the eggs benny variations are out. I know they make a killer hollandaise at John's Place, but I would prefer that over a filled crepe at dinner time.

The waffles are yeast based, making them amazingly light and airy. It is the sort of thing that if one were to do it a home you would need to get up at 5am. The cream cheese syrup is decandant and amazing. The cream cheese gives the syrup a bit more bottom a little edge to counter the sweetness. These are both things I can not realistically make at home when I want it. Sheila loved her waffle and I should have had one as well. My preference is to have something like a waffle at about 3 pm on Sunday afternoon over coffee - that German coffee and cake tradition.

I am rambling here because I hate to say anything bad about John's Place, especially since it was Deb that was serving us - her personality makes the place, she has been there since late 1984.

I ordered the Baja burrito. This was a mistake. The same sort of mistake I made the last time when I ordered the huevos rancheros.

In general I believe that when I go out to eat at a restaurant, I should get food that is better than what I could do at home. As you might remember, that was my biggest complaint about Smoken Bones Cookshack in Langford - I can do better BBQ at home. For most things John's Place is better than what I can do at home in a reasonable amount of time, but there Mexican breakfast dishes are not them.

The amount of food I got was enough to feed to hungry adults. If I had pushed through and eaten it all, it would have felt like a chore and taken the joy away. A good meal should leave satisfied but wanting more. The size also meant that it was a beast on the plate and not quickly messy for no good reason. The amount of scrabbled eggs in it were too much for all the rest of the ingredients. Had similar issues with the huevos rancheros the last time I was there.

If it was two thinner burritos with egg and chorizo being almost equal in it, then it would have likely have been perfect.

We will be going back to John's soon enough, the breakfast only used up one $25 gift certificate. I will insist on dinner next time.

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