Monday, February 16, 2009

Gardening - When to Plant

One problem I have here in Victoria is in trying to figure out when I should start planting stuff in the veggie garden. This town has nice spring like days at intervals all winter long, a day like today lures me into wanting to do some work in the garden.

Living in Lillooet made all of this easier. Before April 1st it was winter. I had a clear several weeks at the end of April and the start of May during which I would get the veggie garden in. Here in Victoria it is a lot harder for me to get a good sense of when.

I suspect I would start with peas and spinach now. Radishes and lettuce may also work well, but do I really want to have the veggie garden going from mid February to mid November? That is nine months of the year!

On the upside, I will not be able to do much in garden over many of the next weekends because I will be off with the Scouts camping or at other events.
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