Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Yesterday one of the chickens died, I am not sure what happened but it was very dead by the afternoon.  I am going to ask Malcolm what may have happened and why when he gets back from Nova Scotia.

I am wondering what to do with the chickens in any case, they are closing in on three years old and production is way down.   I would like to build a new enclosure, the last two and a half years have shown me what I did right and what I should do differently.   I am also thinking of building it with two connected but separate enclosures so that I can add new chickens over time to my flock and I do not to start all new.   I would like to be able to try some different types of chickens when I get more.

I would like to move my flock up to eight to ten chickens.  Given the amount of baking we do and all the eggs I need to clarify stock, we need to have more chickens.
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