Thursday, August 19, 2010

Red Fish, Blue Fish

I was volunteering at the Dragonboat Festival all weekend and therefore had a chance to go to Red Fish, Blue Fish.  I love their tacones but so rarely get a chance to go down there and buy them.   I got two of the chipotle shrimp tacones for dinner on Saturday.

The shrimp we well cooked and not little rubber balls, the chipotle mayo dressing was enough to give it a bit of heat, but not enough to overwhelm.   The pickled onions are a nice addition.   The price is quite reasonable, they could charge 20% more and not see a drop in business.   It is $10 for two of the tacones, though they leave off the HST.

I love the fact that they use an old shipping container for their restaurant.  They have a new seating area at the end of the dock against the rock bluff, this was not there the last time I had eaten her which was in the summer of 2009.

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