Monday, August 16, 2010

Pizza Allnite, again

I just thought I would quickly add that I had a chance to order their pizza the other day and it is actually very good, certainly better than the chains and most of the small pizza joints.   It is not Prima Strada, but then that is a completely different product.  Pizza Allnite is the classic small independent North American pizza joint pizza

What makes their pizza good is a high quality dough, a good tomato sauce and not overloading the pizza with cheese and toppings.   There is care and attention to the details, these people do care about good food and deliver an authentic well made product.

When in future we order in pizza in, it will be from here and not from anywhere else.

I should note they have stopped doing the pizza by the slice, that was their weak point and they have recognized that their warming oven was ruining their well made pizzas.  In my last review I made negative comments about the pizza by the slice.

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