Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Meatball Redux

OK, after I thought about the  k├Âttbullar, swedish meatballs, recipe in the Ikea cookbook and how it had a textural similarity to gnocchi, I decided to fake it today.

I had about a kilo of pot roast, I ground that with about 200 grams of bacon and 250 grams of stale bread.  I added 300 grams of panko bread crumbs, one egg and two cups of buttermilk to this mixture to get the right sort of texture.   I added Montreal steak spice, garlic powder and dry dill.  

I formed 1.9 ounce meatballs and fried them in oil and butter.   I used a low heat and browned them off.  I then baked them.   

They have a decent texture, though not the right flavour, thought that is not surprising given the spices I added.  I am happy I have a feel for what they should be like in my hands.  I am confident that I could make a decent meatball from now on.

I would provide a picture, but our camera was stolen in Manning Park and we need to wait for the insurance to pay out to get a new one.
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