Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Aubergine Fine Foods 1308 Gladstone

I so rarely get into Fernwood, but I got a chance to do so yesterday and got a chance to see Aubergine Fine Foods at 1308 Gladstone.

It is utterly amazing how much Leon Zetler can fit into his 602 square foot tiny store.   My quick estimate is that he has less than 100 linear feet of shelf space.  

One of the things that really intrigues me is that you can roast coffee to order there.  I am curious to see what that tastes like.  I am also interested to see if I can buy green coffee beans from him so that I can play around with it.

While I was in the store, there was a steady stream of customers.   It was a rare few minutes that there was no one coming up to the till.  Leon has obviously made an impression on the local community.   Fernwood has had no store in the core of the community for as long as I can remember.   He is fulfilling a local corner store need along with supplying foodies.

He is originally from the Western Cape of South Africa and has a selection of South African foods and maintains a database of people interested in knowing about products coming in from there, you can sign up for it by dropping him a line.  He also hosts quarterly South African socials that you can find out about through signing up.

I highly recommend you take the trip to Fernwood and check out the store.
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