Saturday, May 28, 2011

Masterchef Australia - "live" reviewing

So Bernard has downloaded the 3rd season of MasterChef Australia, the vastly superior original to the American version. Twenty Four episodes of cooking madness, we have our entertainment planned for days.

We are mid series right now so we have the serious cooks left and the various personalities have had a chance to shine through - the good and the bad. My favorites are the earnest ones, they take the cooking seriously, they try so hard and are appreciative of the skills of their competitors. They often make the best dishes and have the most true passion for food.

Then there are my least favorite - the whiners. The ones who are always dreading the next challenge, seem to always not like the options they have and think they are the best cooks going. Occasionally they are pretty good, but even then they are obnoxious because they are not nearly as good as they think - and the people around them are usually better than they think. I get tired of hearing how horribly they have been treated and how unfair life is to them. I also find it interesting that the things they think are the worst I think are the interesting bits. These ones also tend to cook variations on some very limited themes and if they have to depart from their theme they are lost and generally fail tragically.

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