Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sidney Fairway and international foods

Sheila had an appointment at Salon J in Sidney for a haircut.   While she was in with Jamie, Max and I went into the Sidney Fairway.   I was surprised at the extensive and interesting international food section they have.  Many Fairways have a good Asian food selection and ours at Gorge and Tillicum has a British food section.   What they have in Sidney beyond those is Mexican, Jamaican and Dutch foods.
From Jamaica - Adobo seasonings and guava paste

Chocolate sprinkles for your bread - a Dutch treat

Can these tortillas really be better than the ones I buy?

The containers are glasses, I should have bought
both of them to try them, I have never tried a
real chocolate mole

 I am was impressed to see instant masa available and tortilla presses.  I bought one of the presses and played with it a bit today.  The corn tortillas did not turn out, but I have an idea of what I was doing wrong.  Initially the dough was too dry - the consistency of play dough seems to be where it should be.  I also should have used the cast iron fry pan instead of the non stick pan.
I loved Nutella as kid, this is Dutch version that
is hazelnut and vanilla

From Jamaica, mackerel in tomato sauce

A Dutch version of Nutella

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