Monday, August 11, 2008

Community Composting

I have been getting a composting service for most of the last year and I am impressed with them.

Community Composting is a business run by Matthew Mepham and Kyle Goulet. It has been operating since Oct 2006 and has about 800 people subscribing to the service.

The service costs $20 a month. For that price they provide you with a large container, 360 litres in size, for your compost. You fill it up, and this takes some effort and I only manage it because I have a lot tree branches and yard waste that need to be removed from this house. They pick it up once a month and leave with a 20 litre bag of compost.

I have my own compost bin in the yard, but I could have filled it a dozen times over with the material I would have deposited in the container from Community Composting. I have saved myself many trips to the transfer station to get rid of yard waste (and avoided making a mess of the car). I live close to a place where I can get rid of yard waste but it is still a pain to do. Having someone come pick it up is great. If you have more than a bin full - and that would mean a lot - you can leave it beside your bin in green garbage bags.

It is great to see this service in operation in the city.
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