Friday, August 15, 2008

Where to buy good ingredients in this city

I am somewhat depressed about how difficult it is to find good ingredients for cooking in Victoria. Slater's meats in Oak Bay is one of the best places, as is the arabic deli on Pandora across from the CBC.

As to more exotic fruits and vegetables, forget it in this city. The citrus selection is very narrow, Meyer lemons are even hard to come by. Kosher salt is not easily found.

For selection in the mainstream stores, Fairway and Thrifties are about equal in selection, though Fairway does have a much better Asian selection. Why people still go to the Safeways here in town I have no idea because they offer a very limited selection and high prices.

I would like to see something Lesley Stowe fine foods, though in an ideal world I would like to see something like the food floors at Harrod's or Selfridges.

On a positive note, I am getting about six eggs a day, several cucumbers and zucchini every day, harvested lots basil and paresly and my figs are just beginning to be ready to eat.
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