Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Muffin Girl - 28 Burnside Road West

This is a small coffeeshop that opened not quite two years ago in my neighbourhood. The orginal owner wanted a place where locals could get some coffee, a sandwich and some baked goods. Problem is that the location could not be retrofitted to allow for the bathroom facilities. Yvette focused only doing her catering.

They made very good muffins, we used them as cakes for our wedding last year.

Recently I noticed that they were open for the public to come in - I though this was great! Finally a local coffee place.

Because it had been not open to the public for so long, I kept forgetting to go in and check it out.

Today we went in and bought some coffee. The first thing that I noticed that the quality of the food I could see was no longer as good as I had expected. Then I noticed the very nature of the direction of the business had changed.

We bought our coffees and were told Yvette had sold the business three months earlier. She had a second child and this is hard to do and run a catering business.

The coffee was awful - it is the worst sort of burnt robusta coffee I could imagine. Worse than the 7-11 next door. I do not expect to go back unless the business changes hands again.

The website, over which we were communicated with Yvette last year, is no longer operating.
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