Thursday, August 28, 2008

Maple Leaf and Bad Meat

I having meaning to post something on this for the last week. It seems to me that it is an issue because the company is so big and supplies so many people across the country. They are big enough that the media will report it.

I have heard people calling for a move to smaller companies. All this will do is hide the story. Small scale producers are just as able to screw up and their mistakes are less likely to be caught by anyone.

The amazing thing people should focus on is how safe our food system is. A single event like this is major news. A few generations ago the food system killed a lot more people and there was a lot less follow up on deaths than there are now.

I think Maple Leaf should be applauded for how well they have handled the situation.

Will I buy their products in future? Not likely, there is very little they produce that I am interested in buying, though if their was something they made that I did want, I would feel very safe in buying it.
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