Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2% Jazz on Douglas

I bank at the corner of Douglas, Hillside and Government and it is a wasteland for any sort of local places to hang out, the only thing nearby is 2% Jazz Espresso.  I get a coffee from them from time to time, but almost always to go and therefore I have rarely spent any length of time inside.  Recently Sheila and I decided to sit and drink out coffees in the cafe - I was not impressed.

I hate to be negative about a local indepedent coffee place, but there is just something not quite right about 2% Jazz Espresso for me. What it comes down to is that the place always looks not quite clean and much of the counters, floors, and walls look worn and not looked after.  Stuff is stacked onto cardboard boxes, grime on the bottom of counters is not cleaned, and more small details that should be looked after.

I also wonder about their attention to food safety - the cooler with the sandwiches looks dodgy, it is weeping water from the frozen coils onto the food. Starbucks may be bland, but at least they pay attention to the details in the store.

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In general I have had good coffee from there, they seem to know what they are doing with that, but it does not make up for the unease I feel at the lack of attention to detail. One thing that surprises me is that they own a Clover and do not use it. I think about going in and offering them money to take it off their hands so that I can use it at home, but I suspect it would still be too expensive for me.

Based on other reviews, my opinion would likely be more favourable if I regularly went there, the staff seem to be the type that would know you personally if you are a regular. But I am not a regular, I only go there when I have been to the bank and want a coffee.

I am much more likely to go to Starbucks than here, which is a shame because I like to go to local coffee establishments.  My hope is that things improve and I am impressed in the future, if that happens, I will replace this review.

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