Thursday, April 15, 2010

Suzi's in the Square

Today I was walking back to my car at the Yates Street parkade through Bastion sqare and saw "Suzi's in the Square" tucked off to the side. I have been called "Suzi" by my sister for as long as I remember so I was drawn in - I hadn't known I had a cafe!

I am glad I was draw. You follow a slightly winding course in to a small cafe with warm, simple decor and a few tables inside and out. Ordering is at the register and you have several good options for breakfast or lunch.

I had the "Secret Garden" wrap. I had my choice of white or whole wheat wrap (whole wheat for me) and it was stuffednicely with hummous and a good variety of excellent quality vegetables. No wilty lettuce or squishy cucumbers. Topped with a Sesame Ginger vinegrette (made in house, as is the hummous)it was a nicely sized wrap at a reasonalbe price.

They have a good sized selection of interesting looking sandwiches and burgers as well as baked goods. There was a big brownie with lots of walnuts that I will one day let myself get - and hope it is as good as it looks.

Overall "Suzi's" offers everything I think a cafe should - comfort, ease, and fresh ingredients with lots of house made things.

Wind your way down to "Suzi's in the Square" and give it a try. I will remember it as a great place to go right in the heart of downtown!

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