Monday, April 26, 2010

Beacon Drive Inn

The other day we wanted to go for a walk with Max in Beacon Hill park and wanted to get some food for dinner so we stopped at the Beacon Drive In.

The Drive in, which does not offer drive in service any longer, I believe first opened in early 1850, shortly after Fort Victoria was built.   Do not quote me on that, but it has been there for many, many years.  What it is really known for is soft serve ice cream, not their food.   I know this, but still we went to eat there.

I had the prawn burger, I never had it before and it was appalling.   All it was, was six deep fried prawns on a burger bun.   They were greasy, as were the onion rings.   They were also clearly frozen prawns and not fresh ones that they battered themselves.   The one good part of my meal was the cherry shake.

Sheila had a burger and fries.   The burger was generic and bland, but the fries were disgustingly greasy.   There was a pool of oil at the bottom of the basket.   This says to me that the temperature of the oil was too low when they put in the frozen fries.

On our way down I had a fleeting thought that we should go to Red Fish, Blue Fish on the inner harbour.  I could have had a fish taco.

What I wish the Beacon Drive in was is something like Dick's Drive In in Seattle, but it is not.

In the future, ice cream and shakes only for me.

On a quick note, about four years ago I asked Sheila to go out to dinner and movie with me, though what I did was not the typical.  I signed us up to be extras on a movie called "The Party Never Stops, Diary of  a Binge Drinker".  The Beacon Drive In was being used as the set so we ate from Craft Services and not from the drive in.

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