Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The 10 Types of Foodies

Anna Brones wrote an interesting post at the Huff Post Canada call "The 10 Types of Foodies".

The types:

  1. Made it myself - Martha Stewart cooking
  2. The Organivore - all local, all organic
  3. The Europhile - all good thing come from Europe
  4. The One Upper
  5. The Snob - complains that everything is not good enough
  6. The Anti-Snob - rebels against the rest of the foodies
  7. The Avoider - avoids something or all of things like meat, dairy, wheat, corn, soy etc
  8. The Blogging Food Pornographer - I wish I could this, but it is not my style or ability
  9. The Bacon Lover - all bacon, all the time, and this is not Kevin Bacon
  10. The DIYer - if you read this blog, you know this is me.   
My ex-wife alerted me to the posting and pointed out how I am the definition of the DIYer.
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