Monday, January 2, 2012

Shine Cafe in the Stadacona Centre

January 19th 2012 See the bottom of the post for new information
I have been to Shine a few times and it has never really wowed me.   Recently Sheila and I went and we were completely underwhelmed.   We were hungry but we did not finish our food.

Sheila's main problem was that her potatoes were cold and clearly had been out of the oven for awhile - they looked shriveled up in that way that comes from sitting out for some length of time.

In my case the problem was the omelet.   I expect an omelet to be light and fluffy with a small amount of fillings that accentuate the flavour of the eggs.   This is not what I got.

I got something that was closer to a fritata than omelet.  I was also cooked in a pan that was just as wide as the eggs, actually not wide enough as it is the reason the omelet was thick, there was no space for the egg to flow.   An omelet pan should allow at least an inch between the egg and the sides.

The filling was cooked separately and then added to the "omelet" in such a way as if it was supposed to be a wrap.   There were too much filling and it was greasy.   No omelet should every be greasy.

Even if their definition of an omelet was something unique, the concept it a bad one and the execution of this meal was badly done.   I was hungry but I could not finish this "omelet".

Finally, the coffee, not the worst I have had, but forgettable is really the only term that covers it.   If you are doing a breakfast place in the Pacific Northwest, stellar coffee has to be your starting point.

Can I do better than this at home?   Yes, everyday and every time.   Worst of all I even had to wait to be seated to eat this crap.  I highly doubt that we will ever go back.

January 19th 2012

The owner Barry Thompson has contacted me and offered to have me come in and try the restaurant again, I am going to take him up on it.  

I hope it is better than before.   If that experience is better I will erase this post and replace it with a new one.

For the moment it is on hold

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