Monday, January 2, 2012

Denny's, what was I expecting?

Yes it is Denny's and I should not have expected that much, but Denny's is not far from my home and is open on New Year's Day, I have gone a couple of times on January 1st.

The coffee is worse than awful, I have not had something that bad that I can remember.   It was burned and it was old.   I had to make a Tim Horton's coffee to get it down.    I can not over emphasis how bad the coffee was.

My meal was decent enough, I had the Southwestern Steak Burrito with hash browns.   I have had worse and I did eat it, certainly it was better than the awful omelet I had at Shine the week before.    It was also big, more than twice the size of what I wanted.  I also thought I would order something that was lighter than the Slams, turns out this is not true at all.   Online you can read the nutrition facts about their meals.  Mine came in at 1120 calories with 63 grams of fat!   I can not freaking believe the amount of calories or the amount of fat.

Daniel had the Lumberjack Slam - this comes on THREE plates.   Who the fuck needs three plates for their breakfast?  His meal came in at 1440 calories and 75 grams of fat!  This is utterly insane and is enough to feed three people for breakfast, even then the fat content is high.  Daniel did not finish all of it.

Sheila built her own slam and it came in at only 510 calories and 27 grams of fat.   She had the turkey bacon, which you would think would be fewer calories and leaner than regular bacon, wrong.   The turkey bacon is 90 calories (+20), 5 grams of fat (+-0) and 360 mg of sodium (+130) - the bracketed numbers are how much higher the turkey bacon was than the regular bacon.   The turkey bacon also sucked, it was awful.   Sheila did not eat all of her food because there was too much, but also because it was not appetizing.

Max's meal was the pancakes with the chocolate chips, he is three, so it is hard to judge if he liked it or not.   His meal came in at 450 calories and 18 grams of fat.   Those are more than enough calories for an adult breakfast and the fat is too high for anyone.

The high calories and fat would almost be ok if the food was stellar, but it is much worse than what I make at home.  

I am not going to go back, ever.

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