Friday, January 27, 2012

Expansion of Urban Farmers in Victoria

In an email from Gave Epstein of the Gorge Tillicum Urban Farmers, I have found there are some other organizations like this in the region.

  • HUFFS - Hillside Urban Farmers For Sustainability - I can not find any links for them but they will be at Seedy Saturday, as will the other groups as well.
  • JUF - Jubilee Urban Farmers
  • VWUF - Vic West Urban Farmers - I can not find any links to them either

Urban farming is very much the flavour of the month, it concerns me how much it can be tied up with political agendas.   For it to to work well it has embrace the growing of food and not the politics and economics of agriculture.  

As those of you that read this blog know, I do try to grow some of my own food.   Most people with single family homes have the space that they could be growing some of their own food.   I think it is important for most people to feel some personal connection to their food and nothing is more personal than growing it.   It is the linking of this to an anti-capitalist or anti-globalist agenda that will cause the movement to falter.
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