Saturday, May 12, 2012

And we begin again....

A new season is upon us - a new season of Masterchef Australia that is.  This is not to be confused with any other Masterchef despite the shared name.  This Masterchef is a marathon season with 80+ episode and showcases some of the best cooking show talent I have seen in all my foodie watching.

This year we missed the first episode, which for the first time was a peek at the auditions for the top 50, but I am not feeling to bad about that.  We have begun with the first competition between the top 50 contestants.

The classic mystery box competition opened the show, a mystery box of one item.  Half the contestants got chicken, half beef and all had 90 minutes to create a dish.  Quite generous parameters for Masterchef really.

There was only one real disaster.  A dropped chicken meant someone didn't get tasted, but lucky for her there was no elimination that time.  The winner though was the real treat for me - a Canadian!  Yes, that's right, a young Rugby player from Canada was the winner with a Maple Syrup glazed cider-can chicken (the Canadian-ized, fancy version of the old beer can chicken) with roasted corn and a garlic aioli.

Having reviewed the episode a bit I will move onto the family portion of the blog - my family that is.  Bernard and I are going to alternate for this season in writing about what we would have done if we were cheftestants.  This episode is me, and I decided that I would have chicken.  My first instinct was to go full on classic and roast the chicken, mash some potatoes and cook up some asparagus or beans to go along...and also bake a chicken breast just in case the roast chicken went astray.  I hummed and hawed about it and started to feel a bit under-achievey, so I think I would go in a different direction.  Interestingly, even more classic in many ways but still a bit more flashy.  Chicken stew with homemade biscuits.  I know I can rock the biscuits and there are lots of ways to fancy them up a bit to suit any situation.  That's my choice, I expect I will have more details in future but it's a simple dish so way say to much.  Warm, comforting and rich.
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