Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pizza at home

About once a month Sheila makes pizza at home.   We work with our home oven and this limits us, but we do get a decent pizza.   I am really writing this blog posting because I like the picture above.  

Sheila uses a naan bread dough for the crust.   She also makes a number of different sauces so we get more than all tomato.   The toppings are varied and not over loaded, these are not pizzas with small lakes of grease on top of them.

We bought a pizza peel at the Real Canadian Warehouse Store in Esquimalt which makes it much easier to get the pizzas onto the pizza stones in the oven.   With two stones on the go in the oven Sheila can make enough pizza in a short time to feed the hordes in this household.

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Saskatoon Pizza said...

I always just put the pizza on a cooking sheet. I will have to try a pizza peel and stone cooking surface. Might make my pizza night go easier. Btw I love the pizza images you posted. It looks delicious :)