Thursday, May 24, 2012

Masterchef Australia Episode 5 - The Shannon Bennett Pressure Test

photo from Masterchef Australia
This is one of those episodes where they just have to follow the recipe and not create their own thing.   This was the first pressure test and it was an amazing one.   The six that did the best got their aprons  and those people being Andy, Julia, Kylie, Lydia, Ben and Beau.

Shannon Bennett of Vue de Monde in Melbourne gave them a reinterpretation of a peach melba to do.  I am might, and I stress might, try to make it myself, the recipe is on the Masterchef Australia website.

The cage is white chocolate and filled with a sphere of peach jelly and a white chocolate mousse.  The sphere is covered in a white chocolate and caramel wafer that had to carefully melted over the inner mousse/jelly sphere.

The pink you see in the picture are small blobs of the peach jelly.    The brown crumb is shortbread which I do not see in the recipe.

The cheftestants that did not get an apron were then weeded down from 27 to 12 that would get a chance to get one of the last six aprons.   The judges decided if people could cook again or not.   I would preferred for all of them to go out some sort of food related challenge and not how this way.
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