Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kuku's - has it really been 3 years? Is there better murgh makhani (aka butter chicken) in Victoria?

Kuku's has been open on Burnside Road near Harriet for more than three years now.   Do to the problems with the building, the owners never managed to make into a full service restaurant which is sad because the corner of Harriet and Burnside needs at least one restaurant worth going to.

We get take out from time to time for the take out and are fixated on one dish, the butter chicken.   The large is only $12.95 and more than enough for Sheila and I.

What I like about it is the rich sauce of which there is always more than enough to soak are rice in.   The chicken is also tender and not over cooked, which given that is effectively a stew is good work on their part.

One of the reasons we like it is because they clearly use fresh spices and I would not be surprised to learn they use freshly ground spices.   The coriander, cumin and turmeric all come through strong and bright but not overpowering.

Butter chicken can be greasy and heavy, in fact that was past experience with it in the UK.   When I lived in London I became convinced that butter chicken was crappy version of chicken tikka.   Sheila convinced me to try it.   Given that Kuku's has chicken tikka on the menu, I should try that some time soon to compare it to what I had in the UK where it is the national dish of the country.

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We do occasionally get some of their samosas and pakoras which are decent enough but not stellar.  Part of the problem with the pakoras is that I think they should be eaten straight from the fryer, give them just enough time to cool enough so that you do not burn your mouth.

Could I do better at home?   Even though it seems simple enough, I doubt I could achieve something like their butter chicken.

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