Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Episode 4 - Masterchef Australia

I have to keep on this as Bernard would have us watching Masterchef all hours of the day if we could (we can't, for many reasons, but largely because we will soon be all caught up) and I will forget what I wanted to cook and or even what the choices were.

Episode 4 continued the whittling down to the top 24.  This year they have put 13 into the top without having eliminated anyone - keeping everyone in the mix - until now.  Matt Moran came and demonstrated how to fillet a salmon for everyone at which point the contestants needed to put on their big girl panties and decide if they wanted a 50/50 chance at an apron (into the top 24) by filleting and cooking salmon.  Of the lot 27 stepped forward and they drew knives for a position in the top 10.

I have to say several displayed a rather flawed decision making paradigm in my opinion.  They stepped forward having never filleted, and in some cases never cooked salmon.  This is a do or die scenario and they are spouting nonsense about being there to learn - they are going to get booted without ever having a master class to learn anything at.  This is when you try to work to your strengths so you can get to the learning.  I said big girl panties, not titanium balls people!

Now the family challenge portion - what to do with salmon?  Bernard has polluted my mind with his ideas as this is a dish he has made many times.  I have resisted just copying, mostly, but I would have done one thing the same, sou vide the salmon.  I would place some lemon zest and fennel fronds in the sou vide bag and infuse those flavour.  For sides I would do a fennel and apple salad with a light lemon dressing and thin sliced oven roasted potatoes.  I would roast the potatoes on a cooling rack dry them a bit and then ensure they had a bit of crispness to add a new element.  To finish I would make a lemon aioli that would be used to dip both the salmon and the potatoes.  I think it could have held up not to bad.

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