Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Aaron Hall goes to Clive's Classic Lounge

Delicious is a TV series locally on Shaw which is hosted by Aaron Hall.   In this episode he checks out Clive's Classic Lounge.

I am a huge fan of the return of the cocktail culture, though with a bunch kids and other responsibilities in the community I really have not had the time to enjoy the lounges that there are in this town.  I am sad to say I only been for drinks at Clive's once and then I had a beer.....   What I saw of the atmosphere impressed me, what I know of the bartenders gives me confidence this is a good place for a drink.

Clive's is located in the Chateau Victoria which will be host to many of the events of the Art of the Cocktail October 13th-15th.

Clive's is named for local hotelier Clive Piercy.  

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