Saturday, September 15, 2012

Aaron Hall goes to the Parsonage Cafe - Fernwood Coffee Comany

Another episode in Aaron Hall's local foodie series Delicious.

I have only been in the Parsonage once for coffee, but I have been buying their coffee for years.   The Fernwood Coffee Company grew out of the Parsonage.   I really think that you can only get the best coffee if you have it roasted on site and done well, I have had dodgy small scale roasting though never from these guys.   It was about 20 years ago in Kitsilano at the venerable Yoka coffee that I first truly understood how much fresh roasted by a good roast master matters - which I only just found out moved to Victoria in 2010!

I really need to go to the Parsonage for the food.

Here is a bit about being a barista and more of a focus on the Fernwood Coffee side of things.
Parsonage Cafe on Urbanspoon

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