Monday, September 10, 2012

Shizen Sushi - 1706 Government Street

On Saturday our 17 year old took on the task of installing the new to us dishwasher in the house and since he managed it by himself and needed no oversight we told him we would take him out to lunch.  Daniel wanted sushi, no surprise there.

We headed out just before 2 pm on Saturday and ran into a major problem, most of the places we had need to were all just closing for lunch.   We finally found out that Shizen Sushi would remain open long enough and had a decent rating on Urbanspoon.

The side of the street Shizen is on is mainly rather run down establishments, you could easily lose them because of the neighbours which is why none of us in the car could think of where it was located.

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Once we were inside I was impressed with the look and feel.

We were in a rush for a number of reasons so quickly ordered about 8 different roles.   The were decently done though not stellar, but this is Victoria and not the sushi Mecca that is Vancouver.  The only complaint we had was that on the tuna and salmon rolls the nori was ripped and they were falling apart - I assume being there at the very end of service and this being Victoria they figured it would be ok.  It was not serious enough to send back even if were not in a rush.

We also ordered some udon noodles for Max, which, because it came with a lot of veggies, Sheila and Daniel shared with him.

The prices were decent for what we got.

One odd thing, the website seems to be uncompleted because the pages are all filled with place holder text.

Could we do better at home?  Not really, our knife skills and rolling skills are not good enough.

Will we go back?  I suspect so because it is in a reasonable location and does decent food.

Shizen Sushi on Urbanspoon
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