Thursday, September 13, 2012

Making Pizza at Home

We have been getting better and better at making pizza at home, the Neapolitan style.   Sheila has a naan bread recipe that we use as our pizza cough and it is working well for us.  When we recently made them I quadrupled the recipe and we ended up with 21 shells.

Stephen is practicing his pizza tossing skills that he learned at the course he took at Cook Culture downtown.

Having a pizza peel and good pizza stones has made the process easier.   We bouhgt the pizza peel for like $25 at the Real Canadian Wholesale Store in Esquimalt.   The pizza stones are from

 It took some time for Sheila to work out how to best get the done pizzas into the oven, but that is a skill she now has.  We have also had to figure out what temperature to have the oven at.   At 475 the oven gives off smoke from the residue on the stones and sets off out smoke alarms, at 425 they do not cook fast enough

We are finding the oven is working better than working with the barbeque.  The fact the heat only comes from the bottom does not allow the bbq to properly melt the cheese.
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