Monday, September 17, 2012

Aaron Hall goes to Spiral Cafe

Another one in the Shaw TV series Delicious hosted by Aaron Hall.     This time at Spiral Cafe in Vic West, the more or less complete opposite of Starbucks when it comes to coffee shops.

This place defines what a great hang out is to me.   My only regret is that it is not in my neighbourhood.  This places feels more like hanging out in the home of a friend with a funky style than anything else.   There is no sense of rush, no tension, just a laid back vibe.

The coffee is good, the goodies are hippesque in style but still good to eat.   The live music is never so much a performance as a jam session you were lucky enough to be able to listen to.

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Catherine Novak said...

Spiral is in my neighbourhood, and I go there specifically for the atmosphere, though their coffee is good too.