Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blog - Your Restaurant Sucks

Through a comment on the blog here, I was made aware of the blog "Your Restaurant Sucks".   I like what I have read so far of the blog, he pulls no punches and savages places that are just not up to the standard we should expect.  He speaks to my take on this city vis a vis food.

The 'mission' statement for the blog:

We live in Victoria, BC, Canada, and we love dining out. The problem is, good dining and service in Victoria is hard to find. Yet, no one in our local media seems to want to uncover this dark underbelly of our restaurant industry. Our aim is to give you the straight, ugly goods - as we see, taste, smell and experience them.
We are not culinary snobs. We love a good diner and dive as much as the next person. Some of our favourite places in the city are burger joints and places specializing in fast, but well-made takeout food.
In addition to sharing our bad restaurant experiences, we will sprinkle in some good ones. Victoria is not a complete wasteland of tourist trap eateries and prosaic West Coast Cuisine pretenders. There are exceptions to the rule.
We welcome comments, and anyone who wants to submit a review, if it's negative enough, we will consider publishing it here.

I like the fact that there is an online foodie community coming together to share what we experience in restaurants in this city.   He is linking his posts to Urbanspoon, so we should have even better information about where to eat before we go out.
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