Wednesday, May 26, 2010

BC Ferries - bad food for too much money

Eating on the ferry is something that we try to plan not to do, but it happens from time to time.

I tend to end up in the Pacific Buffet, but at $22 now, it is becoming unaffordable, especially given the institutional chaffing dish sort of meals you can get there.  Still it is better than the cafeteria.   We were coming back from the interior on Monday with the boys needing dinner.   If we had gone to the buffet, this would have cost more than the crossing.

We went to the Coastal Cafe.   $48 and four meals later we sat down to our very poor excuse for dinner.   The only good part were the BC burgers.  

The BC Burgers are supposed to be the White Spot ones, but they are not up to the same standard as White Spot.  The fries you get in the Coastal Cafe are I think the worst I have ever had anywhere.

I knew the fries were awful so I wanted to try something different.   I had the roast chicken.   I think it should be called Sahara roast chicken, it was drier than a desert.   It had obviously been roasted hours before and was sitting there drying out.  They had no veggies to go with the chicken, only salad or fries.   They did let me substitute rice.....

There has to be a better way to offer food on the ferries.  BC ferries should lease out the space to competing restaurants.   Imagine mall food fair in place of the Coastal Cafe and an Earl's or Milestone's in place of the Pacific Buffet.
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