Sunday, May 9, 2010

An early morning visit to Fol Epi

I dropped by Fol Epi early Saturday morning with my son that is interested in being a baker.   I was mainly interested in taking some pictures, but also in giving my son a chance to see them at work.

Cliff runs an amazing operation.   He mills his own wheat, some of which will be grown on Vancouver Island this year.   Sounds like he will get about 15-20 tonnes and will be making flour available for sale to the public.

He told us that they start work at 3:00 am, Stephen did not think that was too early to start, so I may have a baker in my family in the future   Stephen is interested in high end baking, not run of the mill baking.   He wants to own the bakery.

I am amazed at the quality of his danishes, light beyond belief and not covered in a sweet syrup.  The bread it wonderful as well.   Watching him making it was interesting.

He bakes with a wood fire oven.   The look and feel of the oven is not like the typical commercial ovens in use elsewhere.  He has two small silos outside his shop for grain storage.

I highly recommend going in and checking out how they work.   You can look through the windows and watch.

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