Friday, May 7, 2010

Fresh Bakery and Bistro - 3115 Cedar Hill Road

On my way to pick up one of my sons from his mother's house, I stopped by Fresh Bakery and Bistro. This is one of the former La Colina locations around town during their sudden expansion.

I wanted to drop in for a coffee and some baked good, after it was no longer La Colina, Fresh was still a decent place to get a coffee and baking. Today not so much.

The americano I had was decent, I drink it without milk so I have trouble with very bitter coffees. The problem was the baked goods. The selection was limited and frankly looked heavy and clunky. I had a pecan tart, nothing to write home about.

The place seems to shifting from being a bakery to more of a restaurant.   I feel like they are aiming to be something like Fifth Street Bar and Grill.  The focus is more on the nighttime food and the beer.  They are also promoting watching hockey games.

They are advertising themselves with these rather cool retro 50s looking postcards.   I think they say a lot about the image they are going for.

I hate to say anything bad about staff, but the staff in there at 4 pm looked bored and disengaged.  I am sure they are nice people and a slow afternoon in a restaurant does not get anyone going, but the image they put across is one of not caring.

If/when I go back, it will be to try it for dinner, assuming that they rating number your see below rises over 70%.

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