Friday, May 7, 2010

Solomon Siegel is back serving cocktails - now at Veneto

OK, so it seems we will have to go back to Veneto to check out the work of Solomon Siegel,  I found this ad in this week's Monday Magazine.

I have issues with Veneto because the name and the style of food they claim make not sense in connection with the food they serve.  The food was decent enough, but I had some issues with it as well.  I suspect it would be worth checking out again as it could very well have matured.   I know, I have a very picky standard when it comes to fine dining.  They also suffered as I went to Poppy in Seattle almost at the same time.

Solomon Siegel operated Solomon's at the location of the Herald Street Cafe.  It was a cocktail bar done right, done really right.   He closed it done, I suspect because this town really is not ready for upscale dining and drinks.   We are after all a provincial town ;-)

He introduced us to Fentiman's tonic water.  They also do ginger beer, cola, lemonade and more and are very much worth finding and drinking..

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