Sunday, May 30, 2010

Shiki Sushi

Last night we ran way over on what we needed to do for the day and ended up missing dinner time.  Sheila has wanted to go to Shiki Sushi for sometime, especially since they moved around the corner, they are no longer on Fort, but at 1113 Blanshard Street, between View and Fort.

The look and feel inside is clean and modern, that sort of Swedish/Japanese sparse look, this is aesthetic that appeals to me.   There were no pretend Japanese accouterments.  The chairs are really comfortable, some of the best I have ever sat in for any meal, if they at all looked like they would fit in our dining room, I would consider going and buying some.  All in all, the decor makes it the sort of place I would love to sit, eat, drink and talk for hours.

We ordered two appetizers, neither of which did much for me.   The first was deep fried tofu in a consume like liquid.   The flavours were weak and the texture of the tofu left much to be desired.  The second was a beef tataki, Japanese carpaccio.   I was not impressed.  The beef was clearly good quality, but the pieces were not very thin and seemed to have little or no evidence of any pounding.   The sauce overwhelmed the meat, it was very heavy in soy and vinegar.  I am a fan of a good carpaccio, the best which I ever had was a pigeon one in this small town about an hour north of Munich in 1991.

We had some issues with the speed we were getting our food at, Max was with us and he was low on patience. If we had been on our own it would have been less of an issue, though still slow.   That said, the waitress made us feel comfortable having Max there and paid some special attention to him.

For the main we had four different rolls.   The first was a BC roll with bbq salmon skin, I happen to like salmon skin, especially when bbqed till crispy, though that is not what they did but it was good.   We also had the spicy scallop roll which was well done.   Both of these rolls had liberal amounts of roe on them, enough that I could lick some of it off and get a nice bit in my mouth.  I love the little bursts when bitting into roe.

The negitoro and yam rolls were decent enough, but nothing fancy, but then they are not intended to be fancy.

The big surprise came when we got the bill, we had only barely broken $38, a very good deal for the food we had.

We will go back, but not with Max.

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